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Achieve your long-term goals

Our responsibility to you as a candidate is to give you the best possible opportunity to progress your career.

Hopefully that means us placing you into a job we are representing you on. But sadly, reality means we cannot place every candidate – honestly spoken (if we did, we’d all be driving Rolls Royce’s rather than riding our bikes to work) BUT! what we can do, is HELP everyone we speak to.

What we mean by this is, leaving you in a better position than that from our initial discussion. We’re both event and recruitment specialists – we know our stuff and we love imparting our knowledge to you.

Areas of expertise

We don’t like to put roles into boxes, as every client is different and every role is subjective. But broadly speaking we work across 4 core areas. We do extensively screen every client before working with them, so you can be confident we will only work with clients we’d be happy to work for ourselves.



Exclusive roles filled


of candidates recommend us


Quality over quantity


Combined years recruiting

Genuine consultancy

We are proud to earn our job title of ‘consultant’. That goes way beyond just looking at your CV for 3.6 seconds and making a snap decision on suitability. It means getting to know the person behind the CV – the strengths, the weaknesses, and guiding you to an outcome you want.

Exclusivity is our thing

Sounds slightly counter-intuitive, but we will not work a role unless it’s exclusive. What does that mean for you as a candidate we hear you shout? (no one ever shouted that): you have the reassurance that we only work roles we will fill. We’re not CV flingers or ‘numbers game’ merchants.


Seasoned networkers

We spend a lot of time networking with our peers to get the best upcoming jobs that do not make it to the mainstream job boards. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out it makes sense for you as the discerning candidate to remove yourself from the race to the bottom.

Let’s chat

If you have any questions, or aren’t sure, get in touch. Whether you are an employer looking for your next hire or a candidate looking for your next job we can help you get on track.

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