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The Events recruiters that do it your way…

Because recruitment isn’t broken, it just needs a bit of open-heart surgery.

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Because it’s about time to redefine recruitment

There are 40,000 agencies in the UK, with approximately 39,995 claiming to be experts in a certain area. When you drill down on where that expertise comes from, you’re usually met with a bit of a brick wall and a blag. Our job isn’t to receive a job spec and just read it. Our job is to get in between the lines of it and take your pain away – Come and say Hello!

We work with you (not for you), but we must agree on 3 things from day 1:

We work in partnership with our clients to support your internal resources’ valuable time. For us to do our part correctly, the understanding of a partnership needs to be of up most importance.

You brief us on the opportunity

This is the most critical of all the points. Knowledge underpins everything we do. We don’t want to be sent a job spec and ask no questions and just get on with it. We want to question, inspire and consult.

Feedback Inclusive

We have a duty of care to our candidates to leave them in a better place than when we found them. If that means placing them into the opportunity you have given us, then great. But if we have taken the time to qualify them for your role and you don’t deem them correct, we want to be able to articulately tell them why.

The YOU Exclusive Contract

We are confident in the infrastructure we have in place to find you the candidate. But, if the candidate leaves within the first 3 months, you will receive 100% of your money back! No tired structures. No free replacements. Just peace of mind and your investment protected.

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If you have any questions or want to challenge us, get in touch. We are natural conversationalists, so welcome the opportunity to put the world to rights.

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